About Us

Sam's Bass Club is the premier place on the internet to purchase Classic Supreme, Alleva-Coppolo basses as well as high end performance instruments. Sam has developed a close relationship with Jimmy Coppolo as both a customer and friend and has built his business with Alleva-Coppolo basses as the core of the instruments he offers. Sam is a professional bass player from Colorado with years of experience in the instrument and audio equipment business. Sam is invested in the idea that players should play a perfect instrument for their needs. While there are a lot of options in the market, Sam has discovered through his years of experience that the basses offered on this website have the chance to be the optimal instrument in the hands of any player. When buying a bass, Sam believes that you should have the opportunity to speak with someone who actually plays and understands the nuance of handmade, precision instruments, and why they are valuable in the hands of great players. Contact us today for the chance to speak with Sam about your next instrument purchase.